Older adults, frail elders and those with disabilities have the right to receive good quality care, and be treated with dignity and respect regardless of where they receive long-term care services – at home or in a facility – which is why KABC staff and volunteers advocate with state policy makers for policies that will improve long-term care for older adults.

We educate, share stories and concerns about care as told to us by older adults, and advocate with elected legislators and those appointed by the governor to serve the needs of elders. KABC also works with Kansas’ U.S. Congress men & women, and presidential appointed policy makers for improved elder care around federal policies which affect older Kansans and long-term care.

Here you can access presentations and testimony KABC made to legislators and other policy makers. You can access information on topics specific to better care, such as: Safe elder care and adequate staffing; Risks to elders from anti-psychotic medications and Better care approaches for elders with dementia; Preventing abuse/neglect/exploitation of elders; and more.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about elder care.

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